What is this?

3DC IAP Conference is a collation of related IAP activities to the SUTD community.

It will last from 06 January - 23 January 2020, excluding UPOP.
It is currently a working title because the name is still in the midst of being decided. After all, it’s a 4 week event and no longer just one week!

Current State

All IAPS are currently conducted individually by separate parties, which are usually a series of talks / activities / workshops that encourage students to pursue their interests.


  • The IAPs may come in odd fashion with beginner events amongst the tougher events.
  • Timings may clash which disallows students from successively attending multiple IAPs.
  • IAP materials are sometimes not shared to the participants.

Concept (Subject to Changes)

Adopting the model of a Conference with large-scale talks targeted at the general audience but also breakout sessions that participants can sign-up for on an individualised manner.

This emphasizes on personal agency to allow for self-discovery of SUTD’s ecosystem

What's in it for me?

  • There will be less admin workload as you will just need to provide us the information.
  • All resources regarding each activity will be uploaded/referenced here.
  • Bigger IAP event will also have more influence able to draw bigger names in to speak or organise an activity together.
  • Possibly better attendance because when placed as a package, the overall value of going for IAPs will increase.

    Core Vision

    We intend to bring relevant IAPs together offered under conference style with the aim to widen the learning horizon and deepen the subject knowledge of the SUTD community by complementing the experiential learning component of a student’s experience.

    We foresee that such an event will aid students to participate in meaningful exchange of rich ideas through diversified experiences and engagement in advanced technologies.

    We also hope that such an event with shared resources will lead to repeats of such an event for subsequent batches.


    Referencing to the discoverSUTD documentation, we will be able to have a centralised hub for sign ups as well as streamlining feedback and organisation operations as well as a IAP calendar which will allow students to plan out their activities for the period.

    We plan to document the entire process so that planning and resources can be referred to or reused so that this GIANT IAP will become easily repeatable for the next batch of students.


    Click here to contribute Current IAPs you can look forward to