All are welcome!

Current Tracks

  • Blockchain
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning / AI
  • Competing Competition
We will add a new track when they are multiple related activities

Adding your events

In general the workflow is:

  1. Submit a proposal through Github Issues on our master repository
  2. We will reply to your issue and review it.
  3. Once it is reviewed and cleared, you will get a notification.
  4. The event will be uploaded to the event calendar

Proposal Template

Activity Name

  • Short Description

  • Student/ Organisation/ Club organizing this Activity

  • Session intent (what to expect)

  • Any prerequisite knowledge? (Basic/ Advanced Activity)

  • Expected Participants

  • Ideal Venue (If you have a specific location in mind)

  • Time and Date (Subject to Change)

  • Speakers/Workshop facilitators

  • Logistical details

  • POC details